Green Beauty Overhaul!

I’m embarrassed to be finally throwing out makeup older than my child. (seriously, how gross is that, he’s 9!) But VERY excited to be refreshing my makeup routine with pretty, high performing organic and non-toxic  basics from Citrine Beauty.

Jane Iredale Daytime Eyeshadow Kit
Silky, natural colors perfect for everyday, but easy to smoke up and go for more dramatic looks, this palette is a daily workhorse.

Antonym Baked Blush in Peach
Obsessed with this blush!  The perfect peach with warm undertones of gold and pink, I’ll be wearing this blush year-round, plus the bamboo compact is so ec0-chic.

Per-fekt Lash Perfection Gel
Don’t think a green mascara can rival your Great Lash or Voluminous?  Think again.  This gel makes my skimpy lashes long and lush and is a snap to remove.

Ilia Lip gloss in The Butterfly and I

The perfect daytime gloss gives a dewy, sexy pout, is non-drying and non-toxic.  Happy dance!  Who wants all those gross chemicals on their lips?

Ilia Concealer in Dandelion C3

Great coverage in a light formulation, this works great on well-moisturized skin with or without foundation.  I’m loving it on bare skin for my “no makeup” days.

More green beauty finds coming soon…


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  1. Dan Sullivan October 2, 2016 at 8:05 am - Reply

    Hi Diane,
    I really enjoy many of your blog topics and can see how much fun you have creating them when you also include your friends to join you. It seems you are independent, talented, creative and very attractive, which are wonderful attributes to possess, but I was a bit curious how an intelligent woman as yourself would support Hillary Clinton on your website in her attempt to be elected President. Who you vote for is each person sacred choice, but I was surprised you chose to support her as Mrs. Clinton is historically unsupportive of women’s pay equality and right to have their story heard before besmerching their charactor during affairs with her husband. Mr. Clinton should have been the recipient of his wife’s comments as well, but she chose to shame the women involved instead of her husband due to personal political motives rather than the truth. I imagine you have also performed your due diligence regarding the events in Bengazi and of her unsecured email use while Sec of State which resulted in the speculated deaths of missing U.S.intelligence personel oversees. I’m not passing judgement, but I have been extremely interested in knowing more about both candidates to see who can lead the country in a way to include all Americans, not just the friends of the Clinton’s. Sorry if I sounded like I didn’t respect your decision. I do respect your decision as that’s yours to make. I havent fully decided yet myself, but I want to support the person who will best revive our country and help people regain their self respect and earn a living, not receive their living in the mail box.
    Thanks for being entertaining and interesting with your blog topics.
    Take care, Dan

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