You wanna what?  Wait.  Needles in my face?  WHAAAAAT?  No way.  Ever.  Not happening.

That was my initial reaction when I first heard about micro needling, a treatment currently all the rage in aesthetic skin care.

Micro needling uses very thin needles to create micro channels (tiny holes) in the skin.  The process stimulates your skin’s natural ability to heal itself and in the process produces collagen and elastin.

The theory here is that the micro channels deliver hylauranic acid deep below the epidermis.  It claims to improve collagen production by stimulating the dermis well below where products can reach topically.  But really, does it have to be needles?

I am a big fan of non-invasive beauty treatments, have yet to try facial injections, and have no foreseeable plan to start.  I had seen a micro needling treatment once and had added it to the column titled:  "Things I Will Never Do", right along with diving with sharks and refusing to hire professional movers.   Besides, it looked painful and there was blood.

Then I had the opportunity to try micro needling at the highest recommendation of an actor friend who's skin is luminous, ageless and not in that frozen, plastic Hollywood way.  She introduced me to Image Body Spa, a new med spa in West Hollywood.  After some research, a little (okay, a lot of) hand-holding, and a tiny bit of needle anxiety, I decided to give it a go.   After all, I'm a huge fan of acupuncture, so needles aren't all bad...

Diane Mizota starting the microneedling treatment

Imee, the owner, allayed my fears and explained the whole process. My face is cleansed and numbed with a numbing cream. She is used a combo of plant-based stem cells and hylauronic acid in my treatment, which is applied with a dermapen, a machine that controls the depth the needles will permeate the skin. We begin. I can't feel a thing. I feel a tiny buzz around my face, but no pain. She uses the lightest setting of the machine.

There's some light redness immediately after, but no discomfort at all. The next day, my face feels a little dry and tight, but Imee assures me that is normal and that the results get better over time. I let my skin breathe all weekend and do an exfoliating scrub 4 days after. My skin is glowing, smooth and firm.

Diane Mizota 15 minutes after the procedure
15 minutes after the procedure

Two weeks later, I follow up with a Diamond and Oxygen facial, with paraffin on my hands and feet and I'm in heaven.  My skin has never felt smoother and I can see the results of the micro needling.  My fine lines seem less pronounced and my favorite UMA Oils and vitamin C serum seem to be working better.

Diane Mizota immediately after microdermabrasion, no makeup
Immediately after microdermabrasion, no makeup

Four weeks later, my skin is smooth, fine lines seem reduced and my skin looks plumper and glowier. (Is that even a word?) I definitely see the cumulative result of the treatment. It's a facial that I'd be more than happy to invest in once or twice a year- especially to keep my skin in tip top shape without resorting to more invasive procedures.

Would you try micro needling?

*services were given gratis, but all opinions are my own.

Diane Mizota looking relaxed