Here's the breakdown of what made the cut, for reference only, I've linked to stuff still in stores.

For an upcoming 2 week trip to Japan, I challenged myself to pack the leanest wardrobe I could.   Here were my requirements:

  1.  Everything must feel as comfy as pajamas, but not LOOK like pajamas.
  2.  Footwear must not hurt.  Ever.
  3.  Machine-washable
  4.  Everything mixes and matches, with options for a dressed-up dinner, comfy plane/train ride and touring in hot, humid weather.

Here's the breakdown of what made the cut, for reference only, I've linked to stuff still in stores.


  • Grey viscose t-shirt: Urban Outfitters
  • Checked button-up: Madewell
  • Yellow floral cold shoulder top:  Plenty by Tracy Reese
  • Tan silk tank: Zara
  • White boho tank: Free People
  • Khaki cotton jacket:  J.Crew

An assortment of tops that can dress up or down, I'll just have to be careful when slurping ramen in silk, which I have learned the hard way.


  • Green joggers:  Anthropologie
  • Green long shorts: (can't read the label, it's been washed off)
  • Green midi-skirt: Madewell

All three of these are favorites and I purposely chose bottoms all the same color so getting dressed will only be a question of shorts, pants or skirt?


  • Tan suede walking sandal: Ecco
  • brown slip-on sandal:  Born
  • White sneakers: Adidas

With all the sightseeing, my body would be so grumpy with anything that isn't a functional walking shoe, so I bit the bullet and went in search of the "comfort sandal".  When I read the reviews, finding most are by women in their 60's on summer sandals, I knew I found the right section.  (Are we there already?)  Once I sifted through a whole lot of ugly, surprisingly, I found 2 not horrible, very comfortable options.  This trip: comfort trumps vanity.


  • long gold pendant: H&M
  • short chevron necklace: Coachellove
  • gold stud earrings: Madewell
  • rose gold watch: Invicta
  • 2 thin gold bangles: Banana Republic
  • White-rimmed sunglasses:  Rayban Clubmaster via Luxottica
  • Aviators:  Mosley Tribes
  • Panama Hat:  Cuyana

Necklaces, alone or layered always add a polished component to any outfit, plus all the jewelry here is super inexpensive and not a loss if it gets misplaced.  Stylish sunglasses are a MUST, as is a chunky watch to elevate the tourist uniform of shorts and a tee.

Of course, throw in essentials and toiletries, 1 workout outfit and I'm good to go.  With Air BnB stays, laundry will be easily accessible, and this lightens my load to make room for the camera gear I'm bringing for some next level family vacation videos.   Priorities.  😉